The term "DebShred" originated as the nickname for Deborah Lynn Parsons-Roth who ultimately lost her life to a brain tumor at the age of 39.  
    Deb's approach to life was always positive and revolved around her family, friends and her love of sports in nature's playground.

    Deb was a Master Scuba Diver, avid mountain biker, graceful snowboarder and an all around lover of outdoor fun.  She lived life to its fullest.  
    At age 36, three months after delivering her first child (Tanner) into the world, Deb's constant headaches led to the diagnosis of an aggressive
    brain tumor. Shocked, she dealt with this ultimate challenge by digging deep and facing the situation head-on. Through application of cutting
    edge Western medicine and firmly rooted alternative treatment methods, as well as maintaining a positive attitude wholly focused on her healing,
    Deb outlived her initial life-expectancy by two precious years.

    In her honor and in her memory, Team DebShred was established as a means to openly promote a way of living that Deb enjoyed.  For those of us
    who were fortunate enough to know her, we come together to remember.  For those who never met her, we openly welcome you to come enjoy the fun,
    be challenged, get a little weird, and Live Like DebShred.

    The members of Team DebShred gather to participate in organized outdoor events as a means of symbolism and to promote awareness of the
    hurdles faced by those dealing with brain tumors and other life challenging diseases...and to humbly remain aware of how lucky we all are in comparison.
    Money is raised for brain tumor research and patient support. This fundraising occurs during special events, through clothing sales and
    voluntary donations but is not in any way a requirement for Team DebShred participation.

                         Please feel free to join our FUN Raising Team and enjoy life as Deb did. See you on the trail.
DebShred Splat!
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